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Plastic displays

directly from manufacturer

We can make everything that can be made of plastic, Plexiglas, foils. If required, the manufactured product may be developed in combinations with other materials (metal, wood, etc). If you choose us, you will find a reliable partner if you want to create either standardized production or production of individual goods. We use a wide variety of different technologies, like for example: hot bending, cold bending, vacuum forming, heat welding, punching, milling, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding, etc. Environment is the central issue in our business, whether it is POS, POP, industrial products or logistics products!

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Products manufactured with vacuum aspiration can be created according to individual needs. We create the tools according to the volume of standardized production (it can be made of wood, aluminum, plaster or resin). In designing our tools we make use of product drawings or the 3D model of the product, using different computer programs. Our tool design programs, used to prepare high precision Vacuum tools, help to produce the tools at short notice, in excellent quality and at competitive prices.

Bomba display Coca-Cola 3 polcos display VS 3 polcos display L'oreal rúzstartó L'oreal display

Plastic displays

Ácsbalzsam plexi display Béres plexi display Rotring display üres Rotring display tele t-com display t-com display t-com display t-com display t-com display

3D virtual design - plastic products

Our work is being helped by a team of 3D design engineers, who, when designing a product, will also take into consideration that the manufactured goods have to be not only beautiful, but have to have a realistic purpose. In the majority of cases we prefer to make a sample, but there are cases when first visualization is necessary on the road to implementation.

L'oreal polc tálca L'oreal polc tálca 2 Marlboro pult display
Sió vákumozott pult display FHB szórolaptartó állvány

Plastic price boards

It is our main task to place the products at our partner?s place so that the price communication problems were solved. Before deciding on any such issue, we advise you to talk to us, to find the best solution for you! We will share our experience in order to achieve success.

árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker

Shelftalker, wobler, price sign, ...

We can manufacture a wide range of products from thin foil by pressing, punching, folding or welding. Sometimes, by folding on an almost artistic level, we can produce unique or even hundred of thousands of copies of products, like for example: shelf talkers, price indicators, wobblers, information holders, sheet holders from the smallest size up to B0 size. They can be fastened with the help of double-sided adhesive, magnetic film, snapping or placing.

 árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker árjelző tábla wobler shelftalker Fólia hajtogatás Fólia hajtogatás 2 Fólia hajtogatás 2

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A3 plexi laptartó A4 plexi laptartó Plexi laptartók Plexi laptartók, szórólaptartók Plexi laptartók

Other plastic products

Product dispensers, cigarette dispensers, dispensing systems, shelf trays, even combined with feeder system.

Bliszter csík adagolóval Cigaretta adagoló

Other plexi products

Do not put barriers to your ideas; we can manufacture anything that can be manufactured of Plexiglas or plastic. Whether it is lighting, edge lighting or LED installation, we will make your dreams come true. We also manufacture advertising hoardings, illuminated signs, light boxes, box letters, etc for outdoor use.

Világító tálca krétás tábla


We can pour your logo of unique rubberized form.

Kulcstartók Kulcstartók 2 Kulcstartók 3

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If you want menus or other binders to be made for you, we can help by using heat welding or high frequency welding technology for internal pages, preserving integrity of the inlays and providing opportunity for fast and easy change of the sheets.

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